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Getting started
  1. Start bitflu: ./bitflu.pl
  2. Connect to the client using telnet localhost 4001
  3. Type help

Add a new .torrent file for download
  1. Place the .torrent file somewhere on the Server running bitflu
  2. Execute load /path/to/file.torrent
  3. Run vd. The file should appear in the download list
The download should start in a few seconds.

If Bitflu somehow failed to load the .torrent file, check if:
  • The path to the file is correct (hint: chroot?!)
  • The path to the file does NOT contain Whitespaces
  • Bitflu has permission to read the file
Placing a .torrent file inside 'workdir/autoload' is also possible: Bitfu will pickup new files each 6 min.

Handling 'Multifile-Torrents'
  1. Run files ${hash} list to get a list of all included files
  2. files ${hash} exclude 1-20 excludes file 1-20
  3. files ${hash} include 2 starts/resumes the download of file #2
See help files for more information.

Cancel a file
  1. Run vd to get a list of all torrents currently down/uploaded
  2. Run cancel HASH (eg. cancel 13535ab35ac331def165aabd3adb3afdeadb4bea)

List shared/downloading files
  1. Run vd
Checkout the Screen Shots

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