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Is there a bandwidth scheduler ?
Yes, just use the schedule command to create a new job to change the value of upspeed:
schedule set upspeed 25 80@0015-0620
This would cause bitflu to change upspeed to 80 from 00:15 until 06:20, otherwise the value will be set to 25. See help schedule for more information.

Does Bitflu support Multifile-Torrents ?
Yes. Use the 'files' command

Does Bitflu support magnet links?
Yes: Just pass the magnet link to the 'load' command:

bitflu> load magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0EXAMPLE000GJVURIPUC56LFWC2PBXRK

Hint: Bitflu also supports 'raw' info hashes: Just add a 'torrent://' prefix to your info hash:

bitflu> load torrent://bbb6db69965af769f664b6636e7914f8735141b3

chroot(/foo) failed : Operation not permitted at ./bitflu.pl line 432
Using the chroot option forces you to startup bitflu as root. Also set 'runas_uid' and 'runas_gid' in order to have bitflu switch its own uid/gid after chroot()'ing itself.

Bitflu does not startup: 'bitflu.pl refuses to run with uid 0 (= root)
There is no reason to run bitflu with uid/gid 0 (= as root user) unless you are using the 'chroot' option.
If you are using the 'chroot' option, you'll also have to set 'runas_uid' and 'runas_gid'. Bitflu will then switch its own uid/gid after chroot()'ing itself.

Bitflu panics with 'Unhandled state : Too many open files'
Bitflu will open up to ~450 tcp-sockets, this may exceed the default limit of your kernel. (OpenBSD 3.9 defaults to 64).
Use ulimit -n to view the current value. Setting the limit to 512 using ulimit -n 512 should solve the problem.

Is it possible to have the 'committed' directory on a different filesystem / harddisk ?
No. Mounting filesystems under workdir will break bitflu. If you need to free space use a cronjob to move stuff from the commited directory to a different disk.

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