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At startup, bitflu searches for a configuration file called '.bitflu.config'. You can edit this file or change the values at runtime using the 'config set' command.
Option Default value Description
chroot (disabled) Chroot into given directory (see also runas_uid and runas_gid)
runas_uid (disabled) Switch to given UID after starting up
runas_gid (disabled) Switch to given GID after starting up
vfs_use_fallocate (disabled) If set to non-zero, bitflu will allocate space using the fallocate() syscall. This is not supported on all filesystems (ext4 and btrfs do support it)
min_free_mb (disabled) If set to non-zero, bitflu will pause (sparsefile-) downloads if the free diskspace drops below this amount. The value is interpreted as megabytes.
This feature is (currently) only supported on x86_64 and i*86 linux.
autocancel 1.5 Removes file from queue after reaching given upload ratio
autocommit 1 (enabled) 'Assemble' file after completing download
autoload_dir ./workdir/autoload Directory to scan for new downloads (.torrent files)
autoload_scan 300 Delay (in seconds) between autoload_dir scans
checkversion $timestamp Bitflu will check for new releases each two days via 'version.bitflu.workaround.ch'
Setting this to '0' disables this check
completed_downloads ./workdir/seeding Directory where bitflu will store completed (but not yet removed) downloads
default_bind 0 Bitflu will bind to this IP. Defaults to 0 (= bind to ALL interfaces. Do not change this unless you know what you are doing)
history 1 Enabled or disables bitflus internal download history (See 'help history')
http_autoloadtorrents 1 Auto-import .torrent files that bitflu downloaded via HTTP
http_maxthreads 10 Max. concurrent http tcp connections
incomplete_downloads ./workdir/unfinished Directory to store unfinished downloads
ipv6 1 Disabled/Enabled IPv6 support. Note: You must install IO::Socket::INET6 and Socket6 to get IPv6 working! See 'README_IPv6.txt'
kademlia_idseed 0 (compute random ID at startup) Bitflu will use this string to create a Kademlia-ID if set to != 0. This might be useful if you got a static IP and would like to keep your Kademlia ID across reboots/restarts. The default is 0 (= Create a new ID on startup using /dev/urandom as seed)
logfile (disabled / log to standard output) File to use for logmessages
loglevel 5 Changes bitflus log verbosity. 5 is the default, 99 is debug and 0 disables all output.
plugindir ./plugins Plugins directory
pluginexclude (nothing) Skip given plugins. Example: pluginexclude = 10_AdminTelnet.pm;99_Cron.pm
renice 8 'Nice'-Priority to use after startup
storage StorageVFS Storage plugin to use
telnet_bind Interface to use for the telnet plugin
telnet_maxhist 20 Telnet history size (UP/DOWN key)
telnet_port 4001 Port used by the telnet plugin
tempdir tmp Directory to use (within workdir) to store tempfiles
torrent_bind 0 (all) Interface to use for BitTorrent
torrent_gcpriority 5 How many peers to check per run (affects Hunt-Performance and CPU)
torrent_importdir ./workdir/import Directory to use for import_torrent command
torrent_maxpeers 80 Do not allow more than 80 connections per torrent
torrent_maxreq 6 Do not 'pipeline' more than 6 requests per client
torrent_port 6688 Port to use for BitTorrent (You MUST open this port on your Firewall)
torrent_totalpeers 400 Refuse new TCP-Connections after reaching 400 concurrent sessions
torrent_trackerblacklist (empty / disabled) Do not contact trackers matching this regexp
torrent_tracker_udpport 6689 Port to use for udp-tracker communication (you do not have to forward this port unless your firewall is pretty dumb)
torrent_tracker_autoudp 1 (= enabled) Always try to reach trackers via udp and fall back to http if udp failed. If set to 0, bitflu will not 'guess' whether a tracker is udp capable
torrent_upslots 10 Do not upload to more 10 clients at the same time
unshared_downloads ./workdir/removed Directory to store completed but removed (not seeded) downloads
upspeed 35 How fast we shall upload
webgui_bind Bind http-gui to this interface
webgui_port 4081 TCP-Port used by bitflus http-gui
workdir ./workdir Bitflu rootdir

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